St. George

I discovered some years ago that humans are surrounded by two bands of darkness that I named the inner and outer matrix. The inner matrix is the thoughts of evil humans, which looks like black soot, I call it the black attention, and also in the black band are the digital fractal ghouls from the hell worlds. The outer band of darkness is the flying reptiles, and the UFOs, and other galactic dross that surrounds the human condition.

I saw a very clear four-color vision of the Knights of St. George on horseback, each horse was shoulder to shoulder with another. There seemed a lot of them. I asked how many and I heard “30,000”.

The formation of knights was part of the “condemnation of the dead”, which in Revelation is called the ‘second death’. Whereby astral entities, earthbound spirits, ghosts and zombies are removed by the celestial armies to give us all more lightness.

Then a few days later I saw a vision of St George on his horse.

He was poking holes in the bands of darkness with his spear, and I could see celestial light through the holes he had made. I reckon the condemnation of the dead and the removal of the astral entities would not have taken the knights very long, and now St. George and /or his knights are breaking through the dark bands that surround us to allow for the light to come through.

I’ve found recently that I experience bursts of unexplained joy during the day, which may be linked to the respite of St. George and his forces. Stuart Wilde

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