Victory in Sight

I’m sure my readers must consider me very odd as I write about wars in the multi-dimensional hell worlds, some readers fled because they don’t want to hear that stuff, that’s to be expected, but fear of the dark is how the dark keeps you prisoner. It’s the straightjacket of denial.

Many of my readers are very loyal and they are coming all the way to the end, which I am happy to tell you is not all that far away.

After I saw the Christ-light for eight hours back in December last year (2009), I was then shown how it was the beginning of the end for the ghouls, because as the light got stronger and stronger it would fry them.

Nowadays when we look for the ghouls in the Mirror-Worlds they are very feint and they seem to be backing away, they don’t attack as they used to. Sometimes I see blobs of purple light go out and surround a ghoul and it vaporizes.

I saw a vision of the letter “Y”. I didn’t know what it meant.

Then yesterday I saw a very close-up vision of Jesus on the cross. There was a purple light from his chest and bright white light behind him. He was on the cross hovering in space but instead of his arms being left and right at 90° as normal, he had them up in celebration making a “Y” shape. So now “Y” has become the symbol of victory.

The triumph of goodness and the Christ-Light over the Aluna Mirror-World ghouls would be a very great victory and it would make everyone’s life better and more full of love.

It’s been a long fight over many years, day and night, but we refused to back down, or to give one inch of ground, and that eventually tore at the ghouls’ will to fight. For sure, hundreds of millions were destroyed, the number could run to billions there is no exact tally.

The ghouls are inside each other so if you knock off one there may be ten or twenty more inside it, and in the hell-world fights we are often in a very dark place surrounded by ghouls above us and below us, left and right; we are moving our hands and feet very fast like in martial arts there is no time to count anything, beyond checking to see that your “privates” are still there. One–two. Phew! Stuart Wilde

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