UFO Wars

The UFOs are non-solid, Devil beings that can fly like the flying reptiles that I’ve posted here before. See pic below.

From the Film 'Contact' I saw a vision of the beach in the film Contact where Jodi Foster meets her dad, and I saw the beach and the sky go upside down, which is a symbol of the end of the UFOs and the myth of them as benevolent beings.

In the same way, I saw the king of Bahrain Bin Iza go upside down, he’s holding on by slaughtering people but his end is close now.

The Golden Light has to rub out the UFOs to liberate the world as the UFOs are a reptilian influence inside the human mind, taking us towards cruelty, degradation and subjugation, if one doesn’t guard one’s light and watch it all carefully.

The UFOs are also political beings inside the minds of our Fat Controllers, warmongers, elitists etc. The UFOs are the exponent/promoters of the fascist mind set from the inner hell worlds.

Tubular UFO photographed out in Space

Then last night I saw a vision of a tubular UFO, it looked a bit like a space station, two pulses of light came up from the earth below and rubbed it out.  So it might be the UFO wars are on now.  I hope so.

The UFOs are inner world scum, if they get rubbed out we’ll all feel lighter, as their influence is very much greater than people realize. Remember, the flying reptiles are the original form before they formed into quasi-techological craft. In the main part of the Basilica in Rome they were in great numbers, but they got wiped out by soldiers of the Forces of Light, so maybe now the Catholics at the Vatican will become a little less callous and cruel.

The Flying Reptiles Look Like This Except They Have Faces that are More Human-looking.

Stuart Wilde www.stuartwilde.com

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