People can still triumph in adverse times the trick is to go in the opposite direction to the popular emotion. Doing that grants you a different destiny. When everyone is gong crazy stay calm, when people want to be special and important agree to be nothing. When people are out feeding their insecurity spending money they don’t have, sell ‘em things and save your money.

I said in my book ‘The Trick to Money is Having Some’ that the key to earning money is to get underneath people; that is, to subjugate your ego to their needs. You have to be humble and tend to their needs, they talk – you listen, there is never a need to talk about yourself, instead look in their eyes and listen carefully to what they need then support them and supply it.

Attention is a form of love. Most people crave attention so give them your attention it endears you to them. They start to need you and later they become addicted to you then you can charge them to feed their addiction, in essence you charge them for hanging out with you.

In a loveless world you may be the only person that even slightly cares for them. Okay, you might be the pool service man but they don’t really care about the pool they want your love and attention, especially if you are genuinely warm and kind and it is obvious you genuinely care for humans.

Remember, most people (94%) are freezing cold deep within and in their obsession with self, they hate and resent other humans even if they are good at pretending they don’t hate people. Deep down humans are very sick.

We can watch their spiritual identity (their fractal codes) in the etheric so they can’t hide. They are infested by their own devilish nature and ghouls they create that they can’t see; humans desperately need help. The ones that seem the most normal need the most help, as they are usually full of the most lies and denial.

There is money everywhere, but your heart has to be light and your spirit strong and you have to be uncluttered with your own STUFF, and you have to put out energy and go for what you want. Love is a cash commodity especially when people are confused and scared, surrounded as they are, by a loveless world.

You are the lifeboat; they are bobbling about in a raging sea pretending they know what they are doing—silly eh? Raise your energy, people will be attracted to you – then when they show up, ‘bill em’. You’ll need a service, or a knowledge, or a product as that is all humans buy, so figure out what you’ll sell ‘em when they show.

Whatever you do ‘sell love’ but it has to be genuine and very deep, you can’t love people out of self interest because you want something from them, you have love them anyway for their humanity. I call it “Tea with Hitler.” So Adolph pops round for a cup o’ tea, can you be neutral and love him anyway and not mention the war? Can you sit there and compliment him on his elegant uniform and ask him questions in a tender way about his interests, his dog, art, Tibet, whatever? The more neutral you become the cleaner you become spiritually the more light you shine.

Resentment, anger and self-importance = poverty.
Humility, unconditional love and care for humanity = wealth.

Easy. I know so many people that have gotten this principle down pat and made a fortune very quickly. Stuart Wilde

© Stuart Wilde 2013

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