The Wonder of All Wonders

By Stuart Wilde.

Rivers of sweet sensibilities flow through the veins of Gaia (the spirit of the earth)—she is warm; you can feel her through the love emitted by a forest, and if you still your mind you can hear the explanation the wind offers. Gaia is multidimensional and so are you.

On the edge of the old world the new world shimmers a quickening that effects all things, beckoning from afar to the place where purple, gold and blue entwine and coalesce to form a drop of the God Force expressed as a tear of Gaia.

These extraordinary things rest on the horizon of our destiny. To reach up is not an impossible dream; to arrive is not unheard of; to transcend is not rare. We are the descendents of an ancient people that fifteen thousand years ago managed to embrace the ‘wonder of all wonders’, so the manifestation of it is in our DNA. We know the knowing.

The fog of confusion will pass as the golden dawn approaches and we will see, and we will understand what to do on the day the giraffes take their children into hiding.  Stuart Wilde

© Stuart Wilde 2013


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About the Author:

Stuart Wilde (1946 – 2013) is considered by many to be the greatest metaphysical teacher that has ever lived. Most famous New Age, New Thought writers and teachers privately studied with him, or they have been greatly influenced by his work. Read the full Stuart Wilde Bio >