The Divisions of Revelation

I go through about 100 Internet articles and a dozen YouTubes a day looking for snippets my readers might like.

A lot of it is rants, and people pitted against each other. Then many sites write about the Police State and the arrival of a fascist White House in league with the Israelis. It’s all very nauseous and dreary.

In Revelation it says “brother will be pitted against brother, son against father”… you can see this happening.

Stay calm, move away from it all. The victory of the Shining One’s is assured.

If you incriminate yourself with anger or hatred, then you’ll become a victim of Gaia’s vengeance and resurrection over humans, so it is not safe, and it rots your soul. People can’t comprehend what is coming. I’ve watched the ground go to wet slurry and an entire city street of 15-20 houses sink in minutes.

Be at peace, even if people abuse you or they treat your badly. Stay linked to the celestial heavens that are inside you, especially when others are deep in their hell-world-state all around you. Pray for your salvation, make an act of contrition with the world.

The Divisions mentioned in Revelation have to be, it’s part of the divine selection process. If you can walk away when the rest are fighting it out, you enter a new realm. Stuart Wilde

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