The Cat’s Back

Eleven years ago, I saw a video screen appear on the wall of a friend’s sitting room, a film started to play. It was black and white initially and then it went into subdued colours. It was a film of a cat in a forest that was fighting dark forces that were in the undergrowth. The cat would jump in the air and fight the dark blobs off the ground then she would land and sit and rest, and lick her paws. A large fierce dog appeared, I felt the cat was a gonner, but as the cat jumped up to engage it she morphed into a lion and she annihilated the dog.

As the mysterious film played on the wall I felt a tugging sensation at my navel that Castaneda mentions in his books. I think he calls it “The First Attention” but I have not read his books for 30 years so I may not have remembered what exactly he called the tugging sensation.

At the end of the film, which lasted 45 minutes, there were no more evil beings in the forest, and I saw many lavender bushes. Then humans came, they were looking around in awe at the peace and calm the cat had created. It was like a Camelot heaven on earth for them.

Yesterday, I woke and I saw the cat hovering in the air about three feet off the ground in my room, it was there plain to see for about 45 seconds to a minute. It tilted its head towards me, like a nod. The cat looked young, no more than a kitten really, so I realized the power of the cat is not quite here as yet. But this is the second time in a week I’ve seen the cat, so it bodes well.

No evil will survive that cat, it moves at lightening speed. You can’t track all of her movements with your eye, they are going so quickly.

The dimensions of safety here on earth are fast approaching, they will be made ready when needed. It’s not decades away, but it may be a year or two yet. I’ve seen those places many times but the ability to pinpoint the exact time they open up is not available to me as yet.

Stuart Wilde

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