Seeing Through The Eyes Of The Illuminati

Source: by Zen Gardner,

If you’ve ever wondered how the Elite conspirators can really believe what they believe and still live with themselves, this is how. It boils down to one common mindset, where there is no good or bad, just the glorious agenda and end game that justifies any action conceivable.

They really believe they are right. A world of their making is in progress.

The fabulous future world as they see it is a place of peace and plenty with no challenges or inconveniences. For them. The enlightened ones who will bring in the New Age of Enlightenment as per their millennia old plans and programs.

By the way, we’re not part of that plan. Unless you’re one of the sellouts who gave up your soul to their cold, self serving mentalist goals. In that case you might learn something here about how real humans think and derive loving Truth via heart, intuition and consciousness.

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Change and the New World Order
In this audio Stuart Wilde lays out his case for the nature of darkness and the New World Order that currently filters through the world. He talks of the institutions and the corrupting power that will inevitably unravel…

Order Change and the New World Order by Stuart Wilde >


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