Obama, Satan and the Anti-Christ

People have noticed that the character who plays Satan in the US mini-series “The Bible” looks like Obama.

I don’t think the resemblance is particularly striking, but what makes them look the same is the feel of it. They both have a demonic patina, an evil of sleaze about them. It’s in the eyes.

Some say Obama is the anti-Christ, but I don’t think he’ll live long enough to fulfill that role. He is a narcissist in love with himself and he is also a mass murderer, so he does have claims to the anti-Christ title, but I reckon if there is an anti-Christ it is whomever comes after Obama.

In the Bible it says the anti-Christ will be Jewish. I don’t know if that is right or not. Then I’ve wondered if the collective cruelty of humanity and its demonically possessed leaders is not in fact the anti-Christ manifest as both a subconscious and intellectual collective ideal. Cruelty and arrogance is the antithesis to Jesus’ teachings of humility, kindness and tolerance.
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