Obama Rides a Phut-Phut

The Beast Flown from America

Obama is in Israel visiting the Zionists. They flew his million dollar armor-plated Cadillac from America, it’s called “The Beast” …it broke down. Obama took one of those phut-phut taxis, the driver’s name was Mahomet, he’s an Arab Israeli, originally from India, that’s got relatives in Baltimore, he’s hoping for a green card, so he said.

Obama is very brave, the Zionists don’t like him one bit, not just because he’s Moslem but because he won’t attack Iran for them. The Zionists don’t fight wars themselves, so they need Obama. Conspiracy theorists say they’ll knock Obama off and blame Iran.

Israeli Trucks Firing Sewage

I thought the smell might get him, as the Jews fire sewage at people out of white trucks, and those phut-phuts don’t have windows….which explains why there are complimentary surgical masks and gag bags on the back seat of the little taxis….a promotional ploy of Mahomet’s that has proved very popular with tourists to Israel and the Holy Lands.

Then I read a story that said there were 5000 policemen and security people protecting Obama. So a big effort is being made to say he’s being looked after. That makes one suspicious. If they knock him off, Joe Biden becomes President, he’s the Israeli’s bimbo in the White House, he’ll bend over when ordered and attack anyone that he is ordered to attack, according to the major American papers anyway.

Mahomet suggested Egypt might be safer and he offered to take Mr. O there for sixty bucks. Poor ol’ Mr O, he had to visit Netanyahu, a man he detests, so he declined on Egypt.

Obama burping Netanyahu while he's doing something private

Netanyahu was on his third bottle of wine by the time the Big “O” showed up, and by then Netanyahu couldn’t quite remember where Iran was. They danced the Hokey Cokey and talked about American football.

Anyways, in order to keep himself safe and to make sure he gets out of Israel in one piece, Obama later made a lovely speech saying bombing Iran was a jolly good idea.

But he forgot to mention that the Russians have said they’ll nuke Israel and the USA if the Americans or Israel attack Iran.

After Mahomet heard the Obama speech on his crackly radio, he moved his whole family and a goat into the phut-phut and off they all went to Cairo, happy as clams on a rock, they were.  Stuart Wilde www.stuartwilde.com

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