Leaked 911 Footage

Missile ?

I found some very interesting video footage of the missile that hit the Pentagon and the little hole it made in the wall of the building.

A few years ago on the anniversary of 911, Donald Rumsfeld, the Defence Secretary at the time, was on the lawn of the Pentagon waving his arms about saying, “there was debris everywhere”, and he talked about the smoke and the flames. But in the photos there is no debris on the lawn at all, and the grass didn’t even catch fire. If a plane had hit the spot with many tons of fuel, it would have burned the grass.

Donald Rumsfeld

There were no bodies or luggage either, so Donald Rumsfeld was lying. He is a very cruel man, he instigated the torture on Moslem prisoners held in captivity, I reckon he colluded to kill the 2800+ people in New York.

I’m not sure how the real 911 story comes out, but when it does, Rumsfeld will be arrested and I think he’ll face a murder charge. If he is convicted, he’ll get the death penalty. One has to pray for the souls of tyrants, ten seconds will do!

Stuart Wilde www.stuartwilde.com


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