Good Friday–Happy Easter Everyone

Happy Easter everyone. Today is Good Friday, Christians take time to remember the crucifixion of Jesus, and on Easter Sunday he was said to have risen from the dead. We all have to suffer crucifixions of one kind or another, but it is important to remember there is a transcendence, a healing on the other side of our difficulties and pain.

This is especially so now the light of the Solar Logos has come. I have been praying that the apparitions in the sky appear soon as that will give us all a big boost. Our time has come but we have to be patient as the global shadow has to come out in order for it to be seen and destroyed.

The reason we all have to observe and understand ugliness is so when the celestial comes we will embrace it.

In the inner worlds I call the Aluna there is a lot happening that I can’t write about, it’s “take downs” of various infestations of evil, the fall of tyrants etc. The process is gathering power with each day that passes. The light is invincible…it moves very fast. We will see it in the sky soon. It’s very beautiful.

Have a wonderful weekend. Love, love…

Stuart Wilde

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