Gay Marriage Live an’ Let live

Thousands of gay rights campaigners take part in pro-gay marriage march in Paris Photo: AFP/GETTY

By Stuart Wilde:

500,000 Parisians were out on the street a month or so ago in the rain, protesting against gay marriage. The French are Moslems and Christians mostly, and both religions forbid homosexuality, so you can see where the protests come from. But it’s all very odd and skewed.

Gay couples want to marry to express their commitment and love to each other and there are tax and legal reasons why they should be allowed advantages offered hetro’ couples.

Even if you don’t agree you can still come from a stance of love and acceptance and allow people the right to do what they feel they need to do. It’s a spiritual wideness to embrace the law of allowing.

Hypocracy is unkind, in the Moslem countries I’ve been to (6 of them) there are more gays than straights, so what their holy books say don’t score dilly squat on the ground.

Live and let live. Allow people to be even if you don’t really agree, it’s a factor of your evolution and awareness to embrace a “kind” spirituality for all people.

There is a lot of discussion in America about is Obama gay? It’s seems so irrelevant. One look at Michele and I’d be gay on the “hurry up, quick time, right now, pronto !!! What else do you need to know?

Stuart Wilde

News Brief – The French Protest

Hundreds of thousands of protesters took to the streets of Paris Sunday to demonstrate against government plans to legalise gay marriage.

Some estimates put the number of those involved at nearly half a million. While protest organisers put the figure at 800,000.

Whatever the actual figure, the march was one of the biggest protests Paris has seen in recent years. It also represents a groundswell of popular opposition to President François Hollande’s plan to legalise gay marriage and adoption by June.

Public support for President Holland’s plan is rapidly diminishing. Polls show about 50 percent of French voters support gay marriage, down from 65 percent in August, while less than half now support the granting of adoption rights to homosexuals.

A broad cross section of groups participated in the protest. Although the overwhelming number of participants who came in from middle-class Parisian suburbs were adressed by traditional Catholic clergymen, they also listened to orthodox Christian, Jewish and Muslim speakers.

Many marchers carried pink and blue balloons and painted pink and blue matchstick men and women on their cheeks to symbolise their demand that marriage and parenthood should be limited to traditional male-female couples.

The protest caused severe disruptions to transport and forced the closure of metro stations as protesters streamed into Paris by bus, car and specially reserved high-speed train.

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