Finding The Holy Grail

I saw the Holy Grail, it first appeared as a golden chalice as in the legend, then it showed itself in a new vastness. Imagine one of these purple crystals below suddenly becomes six hundred feet high and three hundred feet across, and it’s hovering in the sky rotating slowly. The Grail is a celestial dimension of vast golden proportions, the inside of the purple chard is bigger than the outside.

I watched the Grail in the sky for eight hours, for some of the time I was inside it, I can’t describe the lights and the colors, it seemed as if it was a hundred million lights, they grew in intensity as I watched them. From time-to-time I got overwhelmed and when I did, it faded for a minute or so to let me recover, then it came back.

I saw celestial beings in the Grail, the Lion of Judah, Buddha, Jesus and the Hindu Gods, and knights on horseback and Camelot ladies walking with large cats beside them, panthers, leopards etc. It was so elegant and magical.

Sir Galahad on His White Horse

Legend says when Perceval and Sir Galahad found the Grail they disappeared, I could imagine if they entered that vast chard and its dimension of light they would dematerialize. The Grail is the light of God, it’s uncondional love, the healing of the planet, it forms the substance of a new place that humans will evolve to gradually. You have to be true and you have to travel towards it in all humility and without being able to see it is there, it’s an inner trust you need.

Once you see it, I’m sure it will become yours eventually, otherwise why would it show itself to you? Strive diligently and be kind and noble as Galahad was, and expect nothing in return .

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