Fascinating 911 Question

Military Plane with Pod Hit the Tower

It’s common knowledge the official 911 story is a Grand Lie and the towers were hit by guided military aircraft and the Pentagon was hit by a missile fired by a US Air Force jet.

Two of the 911 planes later appeared in United Airlines’ manifests of plane movements, so they were on the ground years after the supposed crashes. And Flight UA 175 was in on the radar and in the air 20 minutes after it was supposed to have crashed. See Article link below.

Question: If the planes did not hit the towers and the Pentagon and two of them landed safely somewhere to later appear on the airline’s manifest of plane movements, what happened to the passengers and all their luggage?

Answer: One of the three 911 planes was, I think, deliberately crashed at sea off Cape Hatteras, but the passengers of the other two planes must have been landed and then disposed off, shot and buried in a mass grave maybe, someplace secret in New Jersey. It’s all coming out.  Stuart Wilde www.stuartwilde.com

The reason I mention all this is because I saw mention of the mass grave in a vision last night– It was a newspaper headline–eek! The grave is in New Jersey, but it didn’t say where. It must be on a military base as they didn’t bury the people in full view on the side of I-95. SW

Read More: http://pilotsfor911truth.org – ACARS Confirmed 9/11 Aircraft Airborne Long After Crash


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