Explosions Vision

She's relaxed and she's not in a rush

I saw a vision of a woman on the ground with her elbow bent, she was cradling her head in her hand, drinking a cup of tea. She looked very relaxed. Behind her was a video screen and two more left and right of her. On all three screens there was clips of explosions, massive ones. It lasted a while, I saw many explosions one after the next on the three different screens. I got the feeling she represented Gaia, the spirit of nature, she’s relaxed and she’s not in a rush, and she’s watching as the world blows up here and there.

The explosions are big news, but until something really big goes up like say the White House, or 10 Downing Street, or the Goldman Saks building in NY, people are not going to believe it.

I’ve said before I was taught ten years ago that the symbol of spontaneous combustion is the number 77. It is caused by a fluctuation in a quantum field. Little atomic fluctuations are seen as dots on a photographic plate, but these fluctuations are huge. Then some of the stuff that blows up must have logical explanations, propane tanks etc. Then you have to ask what made the propane tank ignite.

There were 24 spontaneous explosions reported in the USA yesterday. There is so much happening on the Gaia front it makes me happy, then I have a compassion for those that are caught up in these incidents. Karma eh?  Stuart Wilde www.stuartwilde.com

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