Communism in Modern America

By Stuart Wilde

I know my readers don’t like politics much, but you have to watch it a little bit to stay safe. Here’s a bit below explaining things.

Executive Orders in the US are laws the President enacts without the Congress or Senate knowing about them in advance, or voting on the contents of them.

They are like the Communist “dictats” of times gone by. Through 940 EOs the President Mr. B.O. has written in 40 months, he controls all communication, Internet, TV, radio etc., food supplies, oil, transport, people’s mobility, resources, he can close the banks, and order the troops to impose Martial Law. Essentially, he has a dictator’s power to do as he wishes with people, their property and their civil rights.

Barry Seotoro was born in Kenya of Muslim parents, his father was a Communist. His mother remarried an Indonesian oil man called Soetoro. Barry was educated in Indonesia.

Young Barry Seotoro in Indonesian School Picture (image

He got a fake Hawaiian birth certificate and a Social Security number of a dead man in Ohio, and he went to law school and got a degree without any evidence that he ever passed an exam, then he changed his name back to B.O. and he became, through deceit, the President of America. He’s the first Communist president of America. There is an interview with some KGB agents in 1992 where they talk about B.O. and his future presidency as a KGB asset.

Russian Troops Training in Colorado

It also explains why Russian and Mongolian troops are stationed in the USA to look after B.O. in the event the US military try a coup d’ etat. What are the odds against all that unless some massive covert operation force was behind it all?

To take over America B.O. would have had to accommodate the Jews, and agree to leave the Federal Reserve and Wall Street alone, which he did. The alliance of the Jews and Communism is a long standing one. Karl Marx was Jewish and all the high up leaders of Russia like Trotsky, and the Russian secret service were Jewish, and the Russian Revolution was funded by Jewish bankers in New York, Warburg, Rothschild, Schiff etc. The Russian Revolution was the Jewish take over of Russia, 66 million people died, so that was another Jewish holocaust, with them as the perpetrators not the victims.

America suffers from a demonic possession. It has in effect been captured by two dark powers, Communism and Israel, neither of which is benevolent to its needs. They are loveless predators.

The politicians can’t save people because they are not free thinkers, …. they are scared into compliance, and so America has to suffer the karma of a president from hell for now. I tell my American friends to get passports for themselves and their kids and plan an exit just in case. While it looks gruesome you can navigate your way through it, and stay happy and free.

It’s not forever, a force comes to restore kindness and goodness but we have to wait and keep watching.

© Stuart Wilde 2013 –

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