I’ve Won Bill Gates’ Condom Prize (I Think)

By Stuart Wilde.

Bill Gates is offering a $100,00 for the design of a new condom. I think I’ve won.

I’ve made it big enough to go over the dork’s head to protect the world from being infected by him. It’s the Megalomaniac’s Condom, it could be used for many world leaders and personalities–good for power trippers, attention seekers, warmongers, Shylock bankers, phoney do-gooders, and a host of others.

I'm Playing God it's so Much Fun

Gates has been injecting African kids with suspicious vaccines. Fifty were paralysed recently in Chad by Gates’ shots; the parents were bribed to keep quite but the word got out. And some nurses and medical staff were killed when the locals got angry. Africans are very suspicious of inoculations as the Americans infested them with AIDS hidden in a polio shot — racist population control.

The Mormons believe black people are inferior and that they are black as a punishment from God for sins in a previous incarnation. The pasty-faced white racists in the church are considered saints. We need a condom that is big enough to go over all of Salt Lake City and the Mormon church to protect the world from being infected by them. This is one STD (Seriously Troubled Delusion) the world could do without.

When Gates sends me the $100,000 prize for my head-sized condom idea, I’m sending it to Gouro in Chad for the paralysed children. Sorted. Stuart Wilde www.startwilde.com

P.S. If evil were suddenly washed away, all depression and fear would go with it, and most of human sickness and pain would end. It’s our karma to either be evil, or to suffer it. People infest you by walking past you in the supermarket, breathe light and love at them, it helps a bit. SW

Read More Africa Story:  http://www.naturalnews.com/038796_meningitis_vaccine_children_paralyzed.html

Gates Story Source: Activist Post 



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