Ayahuasca and the Miracle of Transformation

Aya Ecuador April …….see details below

Our next Ayahuasca ceremonies are three groups in Ecuador with the Australian shaman Darpan and Tom Lishman doing the first two groups, and the well known Peruvian shaman, Don Jose and Tom, doing the last group.  We have people who come to our events from all the four corners on the world … Australia, Asia, Europe, Scandinavia and the Americas, north and south. They come for many different reasons …

Some come for healing, others for a desire to vision and perceive the alternative worlds, to find the doorways of perception  … some are seekers ….some don’t know why they come but attend driven by a “splinter in the mind” that nags them, or a “nostalgia for eternity” … others arrive completely damaged by experiences in their life seeking a new direction and a desire to find solutions to the problems in their lives.

It never ceases to amaze me to witness the change and transformation in people. No matter what reason an individual comes for and in what condition they turn up at the start, each leaves transformed  … some having let go of the fear of living in fear, some having been given clear instructions on the next steps they must take with their lives, some having healed traumas that in the past had been overwhelming, some are rekindled with the fire of the joy of life they had lost, some have “come home” … the benefits are too many to list.

It is such a privilege for us to provide the safe and caring environment for this process of transformation – the rest is down to the miracle of Ayahuasca. Tom Lishman www.thehiddendoorway.com

Workshop 1 – Monday 15th to Friday 19th April 2013 with Darpan and Tom lishman

Workshop 2 – Monday 22nd to Friday 26th April 2013 with Darpan, Don Jose and Tom Lishman

Workshop 3 – Monday 29th April to Friday 3rd May 2013 with Don Jose and Tom lishman


The Agua Sulis Stone
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