200,000 Visions and Reincarnation

I’ve documented 200,000 visions. Some of the visions in the early days were ghoul feeds, they fire fear at you so that is how you know it’s them; they are vile. They seek to control information, or they corrupt information, but eventually the ghoul feeds more or less petered out and one gets real information that is true.

Some of the visions are so fast one doesn’t have enough time to work them out, and some deal with the nature a multi-faceted reality of dimensional fields-upon-fields. One can learn to comprehend them, but they take one very far away from our normal mindset in 3-D, into worlds that are upside down and inside out where reality is not fixed or solid, it’s moving all the time.

Reincarnation is real. One’s past lives are stored in one’s Higher Self, which looks like a cube that is 180 degrees behind one. Those past people that you were long ago, seem to be able to fire pulses of information at one, which might explain why children as young as four years old can play complex piano pieces.

I don’t think humans have hundreds of incarnations on earth, it seems like they have four lives or up to eight maximum, but not all (most people) have only one life here. So they don’t reincarnate. That I found very interesting.

I don’t write so many visions on the sw.com site, as they are often social-political in nature, and a vision is not definitive proof of a future event, so when I see a leader or show biz personality die, I don’t usually post it, then when they do die, or if the leader falls from power then it is definitive proof.

My feeling, watching it day-to-day, and five hundred visions have come in recently days, is that it is all true, and what one can’t say is when exactly things will happen, as future events exist in a dimension that does not have our 3-D time line. Stuart Wilde www.stuartwilde.com

P.S. I’m going to start a club called the Charter Club, because my ol’ teacher said many people signed a charter in an inner world before they reincarnated this time and the charter required them to serve in certain ways and to experience certain things and some are required to save the children.  It is so we can work together in troubled times. You’ll be able to call or text when you need protection or advice.

The Reversed "C" Anomaly

I used to believe in reincarnation but that was long ago in another life…. Dave Shinbeckler

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