Why the Ground Liquefies

Liquefaction. When the Ground goes to Wet Slurry, NZ Earthquake (image phamilynews.net )

Sometimes the ground liquefies during an earthquake, but there is another common cause that is not connected to earthquakes.

When the Morph phenomena began in 2001, the walls went soapy-looking and people dematerialized in broad daylight. Reality went from solid to non-solid in minutes, molecules became see-through, like little clear bubbles. I could see the flowers in the garden through what was a solid wall minutes before.

Later, I was shown how the earth liquefies and houses fall into sink holes. I wrote about the wet slurry effect nine years ago, it’s here now. Then I saw a vision of methane coming up and catching light. I saw a horse pawing the ground with its hoof, a flame was on its nose, the animal reared up shaking its head trying to extinguish the fire.

In the end, Gaia has to clean the world of chemicals, oil and human pollution, so by Morphing the ground to slurry, entire cities sink in minutes. Right now the sinkholes go down 30 feet or so, but in the end the Morph takes things down a mile or two. Then the earth surface goes solid once more and vegetation starts to grow again.

If you worry about plastic in land fills and how it will biodegrade, please don’t worry. It is carried miles down and it is burned in the heat of the earth’s magma.  Viruses and harmful bacteria and various fungal infestations are also carried down and destroyed and the earth is made pristine once more.

Magma Bubbles Mt Etna (Image apod.nasa.gov)

Everything is so perfectly designed. Nothing is left to chance and every item of information is stored and used to the benefit of the Celestial. I said the Beings have technologies we have never seen before. I’m in awe. All is well, and getting brighter, as each pod of darkness collapses. Stuart Wilde www.stuartwilde.com

Well Water Burning in Texas Video: 



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