Virgin Mary Apparition in the Sky in Africa


I said many years ago that the Hovering Madonnas were coming, and that there would be three of them, one in Africa, one in Russia and one in South America some place. Here is an African one so that you can see what they look like (Vid 6.43 mins). It begins properly at about 2 minutes 17 seconds.

I said before the Forces had arrived; the full-color purple apparitions of Mary could not take place if the ghouls had not been substantially beaten back. Many apparitions will appear, people will see the Gods descending, and a man on a white horse with a bow. In places dragons appear seemingly to devour people. When the world sees an upside down pig in the sky it’s the end. Things are a bit desperate for people nowadays, but rescue is at hand, the dawn of the Brave New World has come and the light will crush the fascists with a technology they know nothing about. Trust the process even if it is hard to do so at times.

Stuart Wilde

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