Trader’s Mystery $11.25 Million Options Bet

An ‘options trader’ has made a $11.25 million dollar ‘bet’ that something very bad will happen within the next 60 days. What does this person know that we don’t? According to this story from Business Insider, we all need to be very alert over the next two months.

Stocks have been rallying relentlessly to post-crisis highs. Meanwhile, the volatility index (aka the VIX, aka the “fear index”) is near historic lows.

But according to UBS’s Art Cashin, some options trader has made an enormous $11.25 million bet that the VIX will explode higher very soon.

And a rally in the VIX is usually accompanied by a drop in the stock markets.

He then goes on to list some of the scheduled events and deadlines visible over the next 60 days (mostly in Washington).  When you add in the broad variety of geo-political possibilities, it’s a decent reason to stay extra alert.

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Source – Something ‘Very Bad’ Will Happen In The Next 60 Days: A ‘Mysterious’ Trader Is Betting On It

There were many of these types of options bets made just before 911, see vid below (2.21 mins) Stuart Wilde

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