The True Story of Truth

I try to be precise and open on world issues, but there are certain things I’ve been shown in visions I can’t write about in detail. This is because a vision, while it may prove to be very accurate, cannot be construed as solid proof.

We live in a world of tricks and rip offs, media lies and cover ups, it’s our karma for now. We deserve the truth but truth is elusive and hidden away by conspirators and people plotting to control the world. In visions, the truth is there but often it’s way too ghastly to describe.

The subjects would be hard to write about on an open site.  Essentially take any half-decent conspiracy theory like the contrails for example, and multiply by 100 and you won’t even get to half the truth. The world is in a demonic possession phase, metaphysically our leaders don’t have a mind of their own. Their evil is an outcropping of the spooks in their minds/souls. I explained before how humans can incarnate out of hell. We see them on telly acting normal, but they represent a vast evil beyond comprehension.

For example, in visions, the contrails are a two-part eugenics program linked to the death camps of WWII and the cyanide gas, Zyclon B. You may be able to work it out for yourself. The murder of Diana was a race-hate crime against her unborn child. The destruction of Hollywood is linked to black magic. What did the dead Nazis of the 1940s reincarnate as now? Why is demonic possession more common than flu? Who is behind Avian flu?

The crop circles will end and the UFOs will die, even though they are prevalent now. Who are the UFOs in league with? And the UFOs/Greys only abduct people of native Indian blood, why is that? What happened to the Jews in the end?

People like truth they are pleased with but what if the truth is scary or not pleasing at all?

We have to pray for the truth to be shown to us in secret, as and when we are able to deal with it. It all comes out in the end, truth will be delivered on a golden plate for all to see. But people are going to be shocked and angry. They will seek vengeance, which is not good, so we have to open our hearts to become bigger, before we get given the whole truth.

Meanwhile we can gain encouragement as big stories do come out, even if the mainstream media buries them to protect vested interests. Truth is love, we need more love first, then the truth will follow.

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