The Lady Fair at Bedtime

I saw a vision of a very fine, very delicate lady in her bedroom, she wore a long white dress to the ground that was of heavy lace, it’s not really a nightdress it was more formal than that, maybe that is what they wore in the olden days. She had a small pill-box hat on her head and there was a four-poster bed to her right.

I didn’t know who she was but she was someone very important like a queen or goddess in the spirit worlds. She was very radiant.

I felt there were ladies in waiting the room that I could not see that served her and helped make the fine lady ready for bed.

I got the impression the lady didn’t get into the bed to sleep but more she hovered on top of it to rest.

Edward Burne-Jones Sleeping Beauty

I sat on a stool by her bed and read stories to her of the Taoist sages from my book “Plum Red”.  She never spoke to me but then she did smile graciously if she heard something that amused her.

I saw this vision of the lady quite a few times over a number of days and I realized that I did read to her every night for a year and a day in that spirit world always from the same book. She wanted no other book she was insistent on that.

It was an honor to be there and to serve in some small way. There are so many mystical things happening to us in the Aluna we know nothing about. I saw the vision of the room last night again. Stuart Wilde

Plum Red – Taoist Tales of Old China by Stuart Wilde
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