The Girl with the Xray Eyes

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Natasha Demkina the Girl with the X-ray eyes

Pravda.Ru has already reported about 17-year-old Russian girl, Natasha Demkina, from the city of Saransk.

The girl has become known for her astounding X-ray ability to see people through and diagnose diseases. Scientist became interested in the Russian girl’s phenomenon: Natasha Demkina was invited to come to London and New York for scientific experiments. British researchers unanimously acknowledged Natasha’s remarkable gift, whereas American scientists hesitated to come to such a conclusion.

They did not like that fact that the girl successfully diagnosed diseases with only four patients out of seven. Natasha Demkina has recently passed a similar test in Tokyo, where Japanese scientists confirmed the gift of the Russian X-ray girl.

Natasha is currently a student of the Semashko’s Moscow Medical University. Yoshio Machi, a professor of the Tokyo University, invited the girl to come to Tokyo to have her abilities tested again. Professor Machi is known in the world as a scientist, who studies unusual human abilities.

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