The Farmer of Karma

Gaia is the farmer of karma in so much as she collects what we have sown, what is due to her.

Our karma is very solidly entrenched around us but we can change it with awareness and softness. Say you are deep in your white shadow and you believe you are special and perfect, karma will try and show you how ordinary and imperfect you are.

The faster you give up on pretending to be perfect the quicker the painful contradictions of karma end. Karma is how all the equations are balanced in the end, it seems so extraordinarily precise, the Beings showed me that some years ago.

If you want to become safe handle your silent antagonisms and the cruelty in your feelings and actions.

I was taken to a dimension that was inside a tree, I was there for at least two hours, there was mayhem beyond the tree outside in 3-d. I asked what the commotion was all about as I couldn’t see properly being inside the trunk at the time.

The Beings said ‘evil people are dying’. They didn’t want to show me in detail but they did show me starving dogs eating corpses in the street. I stopped asking questions after that.

We human Aluna fighters have substantially reduced the ghouls by fighting in the Aluna Mirror-World, now if Gaia removes the evil people in large numbers the karma of the survivors will improve substantially, as there is too much poison walking about pretending to be normal. None of us has much of a clear chance when we are perpetually surrounded by silent or overt evil and hate.

I was in a café next to the window having breakfast, two hundred people or more passed in the street. One was almost normal and the waitress in the café was totally normal, all the rest were insane with hate and darkness, or they were crippled by resentments, jealousy and specialness. I see it all in their eyes at the edge of the iris and where the white part starts.

I thought of the starving dogs, I felt for their pain. I’d like to remove all the dogs and have them come with me and be safe.

The fate of the world used to make me very sad but the Beings are teaching me why it has to be. We are not allowed to interfere, only the Gods can do that. They showed me visions of thirty million that die in one go. I didn’t understand it properly it was too overwhelming. Once I got over it they showed me children that would make it. I felt better.

We have to grow a lot to understand that pain is what humans deserve as they have inflicted pain in many different ways now and in previous lives. You can clean it if you will look at it and feel the pain you inflicted.

It’s a privilege to be alive at this time. We know more than any humans ever before us. We need it! Most grateful, humbled and honored, thank you.

© Stuart Wilde 2013 –

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