SW.com Stats Going Ballistic Thanks to You All

Dear Extended Family: Thank you so much for helping me. The Internet stats at sw.com have gone ballistic thanks to you all posting on the social sites and telling your friends, keep up the good work! It’s most kind. I’m very grateful. We can’t afford advertising because we don’t charge for the site, so word of mouth is our only way.

Yesterday we got over 2.8 million hits, it was the first time www.stuartwilde.com went to 240,000 page views in a single day, up 500% from recent times.

The celestial powers are here now and they will degrade the dark to its various cancers and transform our world. Hold the faith and pray for the forgiveness of all humanity and its evil, it shows how spiritually elegant you have become. Remember, the more dark that is fired at you, the more the light comes and doors open for you.

I have no monopoly on truth, I just have bits of the truth. I still have to struggle like everyone else to make ends meet and stay in the light while the Nazis are polishing their boots–tee hee.

If you find yourself listless, in an energy dead zone, be humble and make an act of contrition and say you are sorry and come back. If your mind is going nuts, fast for three days as long as you are not affected medically by such things. Check with your doctors if needs be.

Absolution is part of this process. We are loved but many have to see the error of their ways, please explain to those people carefully that this should be done before the person perishes not after tee-hee.

I have said all evil will be swept away, now you will see it coming to pass. You will be cleansed of your past and made new. That is what the Restoration is all about. Your body can go backwards in time.

And thanks a million for all your help with pushing the sw.com site. It helps people learn stuff they may soon need. Stuart Wilde www.stuartwilde.com

The Restoration: http://www.stuartwilde.com/2013/02/the-extraordinarybeauty-of-the-restoration/


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