Spiritual Practices – The Wet Heart

I was tossing and turning one night unable to sleep, there was very little ghoul activity in the Aluna Mirror worlds so I was a bit perplexed.

I had my teddies with me, they had fallen down a crack between the bed and the wall. As I was scrubbling about fishing them back I noticed an electric plug. I had not realized the bed had an electric blanket and that it was on. I turned it off.

I know I have mentioned it before, but electric blankets are very dangerous, they give off alpha waves, billions pass through you hour-by-hour but every so often one hits a human cell and cuts it (mutation). Electric blankets are thought to be one cause of leukemia.

Sitting there in the dead of night talking to the teddies about the blanket, they suggested I get a glass of water and put a drop of lavender oil in it. I put a wet heart on every wall of the room, and the toilet seat in the bathroom, and the drain of the shower, and I imagined myself putting a heart on the ceiling. Then I put a wet heart on my chest and my crown chakra and throat chakra.

We all slept like babies ‘til nine am; just in time for toast and honey. Stuart Wilde

© Stuart Wilde 2013


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