Glow Worm Tribes

Imprinted on the human body are codes of tubes and lines and mathematics/geometries that normally are not visible to the naked eye.

If you process your shadow, and if you have taken Ayahuasca you’ll start to see the codes. Some are very beautiful; the imprint of the celestial. They are the hidden reality of our humanity, the imprint of our eternal self. These may be seen in rudimentary form as striations of fast moving black or grey-black lines, sometimes if the person is very pure the lines are gold, purple and or blue.

Some human codes are daunting to watch because humans are very egocentric and sick inside their dark emotions. One has to have a deep compassion for people’s pain and dysfunction, but emitted from that coagulated blob of darkness is the predator’s violence, and the insanity of human illusions and emotions.

So the earth plane karma is a sea of darkness, there’s etheric adversity all around you. We have to be like glow worms and exist in whatever light we can create.

The first light is the one you establish for yourself by healing your pain and processing your dark. The second light is the light you offer family and friends through love, tenderness and kindness, and the third light is a bigger light that comes later at the point when you’ll be able to walk through a village and heal it by your presence—the Light Bringer’s Light.

There is a fourth light, it’s in the Aluna Mirror Worlds, it is manifest when you have so much power you can fire light to any place, or any person on earth, or even in nearby dimensions at will. But as the light is always surrounded by two bands of darkness, the fourth light has to have immense power to penetrate the ghoul worlds and reach its destination accurately and relatively untouched.

Glow worm tribes are forming, communities of alternative thinkers that seek a natural, eco-friendly lifestyle, full of love and kindness, away from the crippling effect of the Matrix and the dark codes. We are going to need glow worm communities ASAP, as the collapse of the world as we know it is much closer than people think.

Polish your light. You can’t negotiate with Gaia, the arrogance of ignorance is too pitiful and detrimental. You have to win her love and use her warmth to protect you.  Stuart Wilde © Stuart Wilde 2013

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