Gaia’s Garden

I’ve traveled to 62 countries of the world to view Gaia’s Garden first hand, this inspired me and nourished my soul. I tell my readers that you need money to buy experiences not things, travelling leads to many new understandings and engrossing experiences that elevate your comprehension.

In my book “Grace, Gaia and The End of Days,” I explain that our presence here, is in some mysterious way, linked to saving Gaia. Many of the visionaries and I have seen our human connections to the land and the animals. We are inside her soul. Gaia, the spirit of nature is here in a great glory to deliver a Renewal, I call it in my writings the Restoration.

As you evolve beyond your own darkness, you begin to feel the pain of the animals that inhabit our planet. Many people are now learning to heal the animals, so things are evolving and our connections to Gaia are deepening. To that end I think DMT and Ayahuasca has helped us see the true nature of our multi-dimensional presence on earth, and our link to the group-soul of Gaia and our humanity.

It seems that the Celestial Beings who orchestrate things here on earth, know how to place people where they are needed, so we can never all be in the same place at the same time, as there must be a spread of the healing light.

I recently wrote about a vision I saw of a young woman making celestial footprints as she walked along.

As we learn and evolve, it often takes us to magical places, rain forests, mountains, the plains of Africa, across oceans filled with creatures of great beauty and mystery.

I often see places that I have been to in my life in visions, usually I see spinning vortexes of energy there, doorways to another world for others to acquire a momentary higher vibration or to walk through later.

Learn to follow your intuition if you feel a tug to travel to a faraway place. There is usually a good reason. Stuart Wilde 


Grace, Gaia, and the End of Days by Stuart Wilde
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