Emailing the Gods

By Stuart Wilde

I sit in my bed at 3.03am which is my strongest time and I record prayers to the Gods. I start with thanks and then I move out from there. All my prayers are the same. I don’t ask for a Ferrari, or money, or any particular good fortune, I just ask for information. The trick to praying to the Gods is to be grateful and humble, pray for  their well being and safety, then mention what you want in passing at the end. That works best. My recorded messages for them are like emails really.

I also pray for the destruction of the ghouls and the end of tyrants and most of all I pray that the children are saved in the end.

And some nights I send a pulse of energy down the grid that we built with the Tolemac flags. And I always end with a prayer for the triumph of Gaia. The more evil that falls, the more she can become free once more. Human darkness hurts her trees. It’s a day-by-day thing; we help her lungs to breathe the more the ghouls fall.

Stuart Wilde

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About the Author:

Stuart Wilde (1946 – 2013) is considered by many to be the greatest metaphysical teacher that has ever lived. Most famous New Age, New Thought writers and teachers privately studied with him, or they have been greatly influenced by his work. Read the full Stuart Wilde Bio >