Bubbling Lakes and New Explosions

Reports of lakes starting to bubble as they release gas trapped underground and some new explosions. See video below and the list of the explosions posted over the last few days. Stuart Wilde  www.stuartwilde.com

Mysterious bubbles and houses shifting:

One more bubbling Lake Video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h-EjzvlKNKo

Another West Virginia explosion.. Spencer, WV..”no idea what exploded” this one destroys one house.. damages another. http://www.hurherald.com/cgi-bin/db_scripts/articles?Action=user_view&db=articles_hurherald&id=51380

New Jersey.. large explosion.. unknown cause…sad to read what happened here..

Wisconsin..Another fishing house explosion…. http://www.the-leader.net/woman-survives-fish-house-explosion.html

Cisco texas .. house destroyed in explosion.. no one lives at the house.. utilities off.. unknown cause.. http://bigcountryhomepage.com/fulltext?nxd_id=573542

Minnesota .. St. Bonifacius explosion.. under investigation http://kstp.com/news/stories/S2939854.shtml?cat=1

South Alabama – North Florida — Explosion .. unknown cause:(same general area as the RADAR pulse) http://www.fox10tv.com/dpp/news/local_news/mobile_county/early-morning-fire-caused-by-explosion

Tallahassee Florida, explosion .. unknown cause at this point http://www.wctv.tv/home/headlines/House-Fire-South-of-Stadium-Drive-192317261.html

Canada… unknown cause… http://www.globaltvedmonton.com/explosion+in+fort+saskatchewan+sends+three+to+hospital/6442813922/story.html

Underground electrical explosion.. Monrovia California…. http://monrovia.patch.com/articles/electrical-explosion-buckles-street-forces-evacuation-of-world-vision#photo-13424121

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