Brave Women: Ex Congress Woman Cynthia McKinney

By Stuart Wilde

Cynthia McKinney refused to Pledge Allegiance to Israel

This week we have picked former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney (see video below) in our “Brave Women” series.

She stuck her neck out by saying on TV that all the 535 politicians on Capitol Hill have to sign a pledge of allegiance to Israel. If they don’t sign it, their funds are cut, and the American Israeli Political Action Committee (AIPAC), and the Jewish owed media crush them and they lose office.

McKinney served six terms in Congress until she was driven from office when she refused to sign the pledge to subjugate herself to the Zionists that control America. It seems so sad that African Americans can’t have a representative from their own people unless that person succumbs. I’d prefer not to write of these horrid things, but it is important that people know what’s going on. I think Ms. McKinney is to admired for her courage. This pledge of allegiance to Israel has been kept very secret. It doesn’t matter if only 10,000 people know the truth, it’s enough.

The secret pledge of allegiance to Israel explains why the American politicians are so scared to act to defend America’s interests. There is a terror in it for the politicians, they have to bow down or else; it’s a form of demonic possession in my view.

And It explains why America is endlessly at war to protect Israel, it’s all the same con game.

The politicians need to be brave now, like Cynthia McKinney, and throw off the yoke of fear of the Zionists and set America free. There does not have to be a confrontation or ugliness, America can just politely insist Israel go fight its own wars without the US.

If the bribery of politicians becomes illegal and their campaign funds are provided for in some other way, then the nightmare of their terror is over, and someone can step up and lead America to safety. And yes, they still have to get past the president from the depths of hell but I reckon he’ll fall from office.

But anyway none of it is forever, a force comes to restore kindness and goodness but we have to wait and keep watching. I’m confident love triumphs in the end.

‘US lawmakers forced to support Israel’ – Cynthia McKinney on PressTV. She starts to mentions the background to the pledge to Israel at about 13.55 mins into the vid…

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