America, Iran & the Possible End of Israel

There is talk of Iran building a bomb and nuking Israel, it’s all silliness–paranoia politics. Iran can buy a nuclear warhead in the black market. I’m sure they already have, some are quite small.  The Russian W-87 pictured here is waist high. It would fit nicely in a large suitcase or a tote bag.

Russian Bombs

The Iranians could fire it from a little boat, or even dismantle it and smuggle the various bits into Jerusalem and reassemble it. Problem solved, BOOM. The fact Israel has not gone up in smoke already proves the Iranians have no mal intent towards them.

I’m sure the Iranian secret service is well penetrated in Israel, one half decent missile attack on the Diamona nuclear facility, and that’s the end of Israel, the Middle East and the Jews. It would be worse than Fukushima. But the Iranians will never attack Israel unless they are attacked by America or Israel first.

The Western mainstream make Iran out to be idiots, but that’s just propaganda. It’s foolish to underestimate them. The media never think it through properly, or they are not allowed to, as they never mention the danger of America attacking Iran for Israel. The papers talk of Iran closing the Straits of Hormuz with a naval blockade, it’s all piffle, complete rubbish, disinformation.

Exocet AM39 Missile (Not available in Pink)

I calculated (very roughly) the Iranian missiles can take out all the seven main Gulf oil fields in 10 mins 32 secs, based on two minutes ‘reaction time’ before firing, and then 8.32 mins of flying time. My calculation assumes an Exocet missile going at it’s officially stated speed of 315 metres per second, fired from a maximum distance of 93 miles out to sea. I worked it out with a well-chewed pencil and Google maps.

So Iran needs just 10 mins 32 seconds to solve all of its problems, sink Israel, the Gulf States and America for a very long time. Iran has lots of oil so the destruction of the Gulf’s oil facilities would help them a lot as their assets would sky rocket in value.

See how the nonsense of the Iranian bomb against the Jews is? It’s all made up, a total illusion, who cares about Israel anyway? Losing them would upset 14 million Jews, sure, but it is nothing compared with the destruction of global oil supplies from the Gulf States, that’s the real worry, it would be a massive threat to the world’s economic well being.

If Israel make peace with the world, the Jews are safe, but what’s the chance that Netanyahu will forego his bombast, ego trips and sabre rattling? People say he’s an alcoholic, certainly he gives off the energy of a pub drunk, wanting to fight all the time. One has to have a compassion for his problems but sucking the world into disaster is not on. Obama is going to Israel at the end of Mach so nothing will happen before then.

The Americans just moved one of their two aircraft carriers out of the Gulf of Hormuz, as they know how dangerous it is to leave their navel assets bobbling about in a narrow channel when there are 300-400 Exocet-type missiles facing them just across the water. In the Falklands war (1982) the HMS Glamorgan was sunk by one Exocet fired from the shore.

The Jews don’t fight, so they send America, but America is beginning to wake up to the con and they seems to be pulling out. Americans refusing to die for Israel is not an anti-Jewish thing, more it’s a pro-American thing, someone has to come along that will back the American people and lead them to safety.

It’s best to make peace with the Arabs and show love to the Moslem people and ditch the Israelis in the pub for safety reasons, and let them fight their own wars and have their people killed, not the American lads and lasses. Problems may look complex but they usually have simple solutions. If the Jews could embrace love instead of hate, everything would be much better for them and all of us.

Stuart Wilde


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