War Stories


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As our leaders get more and more demonically possessed their ego-specialness flares, they will want to go to war. Of course, they won’t fight themselves; the working people form their armies. China has instructed its military to prepare for war with Japan over some disputed island. North Korea is threatening to launch missiles at South Korea. The South Koreans are affluent and relatively free, North Korea is a hell hole of starvation and repressions, they are pissed off and jealous. Kashmir is buckling down for a war between Pakistan and India, and Israel wants a war with Iran, except they don’t fight, so America will have to go for them.

Now if Luxembourg could attack Belgium, that would be fun. I’ve seen many visions of explosions (100+) and not much else recently. Now these war stories might be troubling, but war is how the regimes fall in the end, it is a spiritual experience, albeit a dark one. People get in touch with their Higher Self in war and they get closer to God, it quickens the spirit and forces them to wake up.

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