Tony Blair’s Shady Secret

By Stuart Wilde

There is a meeting of the elite in Switzerland at Davos this week. Tony Blair was on TV talking about how Britain should stay in the European Union even though the Union is collapsing.

He is the British Middle East envoy, supposedly assisting to bring a peace treaty between the Israelis and the Palestinians. He goes to his very fancy house in Jerusalem for two weeks every month, at the taxpayer’s expense.

Tony Blair Wearing his Yarmulke

But Blair has a shady secret that has been cleverly hidden from the British people, and that is the fact that he is Jewish. Judaism flows through the female line, Blair’s grandmother was Jewish, so his mother was Jewish, so he’s Jewish.

Cameron appointing a closet Jew to adjudicate between Israel and the Palestinians, is a callous trick. It’s to make sure that the violence and racism of the Israeli Jews is not criticized or acted against by world opinion.

An unarmed Palestinian woman called Hanash, was killed yesterday outside Al-Aroub refugee camp by Jewish drive-by shooters. Another Saud Khalil Jaara aged 39, was wounded. That is the kind of thing Blair would approve of. He colluded with George Bush to kill one million Iraqis, including 500,000 children. The slaughtering of unarmed Moslems is how he worships his elitist ideals.

In Judaism, non-Jews are considered scum, less than animals; so killing Ms. Hanash for target practice is considered a legitimate entertainment. It’s a reincarnation of the Nazis all over again.

I used to worry about the second Holocaust, which is coming in the future, because the hatred created by the Israeli Jews is global and vast. But I came to see that decent Jews will escape the karma of a second Holocaust, because their goodness will protect them. And while we may be disgusted by the Israeli Jews, we can’t stand in judgment of all Jews, for none of us is perfect.

But the karma of what’s coming is a force a million times more powerful than them, so Israel is to be destroyed.

If you are a decent Jew, I’d suggest you distance yourself from the horrors of Israel, and concentrate on being a good person. In this way, you will save yourself and your loved ones. If the death of people like Mr. Hanash brings you glee, then you’ll know you are in a very great danger. Karma is a multi-dimensional force that hovers in a hyperspace, not many understand that. Karma is very complex, and because it comes out of a non-solid reality, it gives the impression it can walk through walls, strange as it might sound.

The Laws of Karma for the Jews are no different to anyone else’s. It’s important to remember that, feigned specialness does not allow anyone to escape the iron-clad Laws of Probability.

I’d be very surprised if Tony Blair lasts very long at all. The clock is ticking so loud, it’s keeping us awake at night. The horrors of this man gives me the shivers, if I could take the children and hide them under blankets in a cave, I would.

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