The Teenage Vampire Vehicles

The codes being woven into the Matrix grid of our collective subconscious, from the Twilight series by Stephanie Myers, are rather dark and dubious. What I find disturbing is that Myers has sold over 116 million copies of her books world wide and the latest film, Breaking Dawn Part 2 scored the eighth biggest opening weekend of all time, with a $141.3 million debut.

In these films, Heady romance with a vampire, bloody scenes, killing, immortality, are very cleverly made to seem natural and normal and very enticing to boot.

A friend of mine went to see Breaking Dawn with her teenage daughter and she told me that it took four days to clear away the alluring feelings that the movie evoked. Now, she is in her forties, so you can imagine that her teenage daughter might still be left with the residue of the sticky sentiments that are portrayed so vividly using the latest CGI. Hollywood has no shame, it makes demonic possession glamorous. It is linked to drugs, satanic rituals and pedophilia, which is the religion of those film people in Los Angeles. J.K. Rowling, the Harry Potter lady, has gone the same way, degrading herself towards the demonic for a million pounds advance, writing, “The Casual Vacancy”, her new porn novel for teenagers. It is all so ugly. We don’t need these people anymore.

The Twilight film suggests the way to woo a young woman is to take her by the hand and whisk her higher and higher over the land and into the sky. But wait, up is not the right way, remember. Neither us or our children need to be elevated. We are here to try to go wider and less egocentric and to reach a safe low point with love and softness.

The vampires presented by Edward Cullen and his crew are portrayed as ‘good’ and they are all very good looking too, with superhuman strength and magical powers. It isn’t so difficult to see how both teenagers and their hard working mums could be mesmerized into thinking that a kind of desperate love with a vampire-beau type, would be rather exciting.

The drama, intensity and angst in these movies takes the kids to those devilish dimensions, and there is something in the emotional extremes that could lead most metaphysically unsophisticated people to believe these things are desirable.

In metaphysical terms, a vampiric man or woman, is one that sucks on the life force or energy of another, and attempts to sustain their egos by controlling and devouring another human being. You can’t own anyone and you mustn’t give yourself away either. Both are dark.

Now real love, on the other hand, pure love, is about lightness, openness and kindness. It’s a gentle, simple thing. It allows us to have relationships and still be able to drop down and out of the Matrix, to freedom. Love is people, adults and children alike, caring for each other’s needs and taking the time to understand what the other truly needs and that might not always be agreeable to the ego either, so acceptance is needed. The angst and theatrics of the main character Bella in the film, encourages young women to be heavy and heartbroken, instead of footloose and fancy free, skipping on a beach somewhere.

It seems important to educate the young ones so that they don’t get caught in the black web too frequently being woven by the Hollywood spider. Gaia will come and rub it out eventually, but we have to protect the children in the mean time. Stuart Wilde.

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