The Study of Narcissism Helps You Understand

"Narcissus" by Caravaggio

Narcissism is defined as an excessive or erotic interest in oneself and one’s physical appearance, and an extreme selfishness, with a grandiose view of one’s own talents and a craving for admiration.

In understanding narcissism one understands our leaders today, their lack of empathy for human pain, their haughty body language, their obsession with glamour, and the way they hurt people and use others. So, for example, the way the President can send troops to their deaths in ego-trip wars, that are not to do with the defense of the nation. Or, a Government that imposes unnecessary fines and exorbitant taxes without heeding the needs of the population.

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Narcissism is a form of demonic possession, the inner world ghouls are callous and cruel, one often sees them with accoutrements, swords, thrones, crowns, jewels, medals etc. It reflects their self importance while they were still alive on earth as humans. The narcissists and the devils are carbon copies of each other.

Believing one is unique or special or above others, is a mental disease, a psychological fracture that exhibits itself as a personality disorder, it is not curable. Perhaps an exorcist might be able to bump out the ghouls inside the narcissist but I’ve not heard of it.

Narcissism explains why our leaders are so cruel and callous and violent, they don’t get the consequences of their actions, it doesn’t register in their possessed souls.

If every time they shot some children overseas, they lost an eye, or an etheric stake went through their testicles, they would soon understand. But karma is not instant, not usually, so they con themselves into thinking nothing can go wrong.

But every act is weighed and measured, nothing is ever forgotten.

The traits of narcissism are:

Belief in being unique
An arrogant, domineering, controlling personality
Needing excessive admiration
Preoccupation with success and power
A lack of empathy or compassion
A sense of entitlement
Exploitative controlling behavior
Being envious of others

If you see these traits in others, run –  they’ll abuse you, because they are predators, or they will pin you to the wall and bore you stupid talking about themselves. Stuart Wilde


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