The Queen–Short May She Rain over Us–Black Rain

Lucian Freud's Portrait of the Queen

The era of the Queen’s octopus tentacles and her black rain over the British people may soon be over. My prediction is only based on visions, but myself and others have seen great forces of light descending on Buckingham Palace. I saw four celestial gods standing in the sky behind George Bush, so I know his time is up. When exactly I can’t say, that has always been my shortcoming, telling exactly when something is about to happen.

One of the visionaries that emails me sometimes told me she saw Pegasus horses crossing the sky pulling a carriage, which landed at Buckingham Palace. Another visionary told me she saw a giant goddess covered in diamonds also headed in the same direction. Then today, I saw nine lancers on horseback, they had long, grey military coats, their horses cantered in perfect symmetry, in time with each other, they were going up the Mall towards Buckingham Palace. How these light forces expose the elite or bring them down we don’t know, but once they show up, then the clock is ticking.

I reposted my Diana visions recently (see link below) because I can tell the Queen and her husband are soon to fall. She is part of the elite ego-Matrix over us. It’s a horrible ghoul-feed, black rain, it’s dying.

In a vision, I saw a photo of all the Diana conspirators, and Prince Philip was in the center, and a British aristocrat was there, I’d better not mention him for now. I think the Queen knew about the hit, but she may not have organized it, as she was not in the picture.

On Diana’s wedding day she said of herself, “lamb to slaughter”. I reckon her Higher Self knew she was here to die and then destroy the old House of Windsor and place her future son on the throne.

Here are 2 MP3s by a friend of mine, Kerrie O’Connor, an American visionary, who has a radio show in the US, . Here she talks of how the Divine Light is making an attempt on the Queen, to expose the truth. She says Diana was poisoned, I’ve seen detailed visions of a the lethal injection administered in the Alma tunnel, both scenarios might be possible. But whatever which way, the “accident in Paris” was an assassination. Stuart Wilde

We had to break it up into 2 mp3 as our server has a limit on an individual file size.

Diana & The Queen Part I

Diana & The Queen part II


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