The Mysterious Little Bottle

I saw a vision of a hand going into my suitcase it pointed to a little bottle in the netting at the back of the case.

Then a few minutes later I saw the vision again and the hand was ever more insistent pointing very closely to the little bottle. I saw it light up in a very spiritual light that was blue and white.

I couldn’t remember the bottle being in the case so I went and searched for it and lo and behold there it was a little brown bottle that someone must have given me. It smelled of oily soap with the hint of a lavender flower essence.

The Mysterious Little Bottle

So I took the bottle to a Camelot anomaly by the sea and I anointed two people I know on the crown chakra and I made a cross on each of their foreheads and on their heart and their side and their hands and feet—the wounds of Jesus essentially. It was very moving. There was a very strong wind blowing.

Then I had them do it to me.

We all felt very different.

Then we got in a circle and prayed, but it was bitterly cold so we could not stay long, as we were still in bare feet.

Strangely, after I saw these visions of the little bottle I chucked it into a suitcase and forgot about it and last night I had yet one more vision of the bottle, it must be very important to me.

I’ve never known what is the source of the visions that I see, some that are personal to me must come from my Higher Self and others I know come from the Sacred Beings but whereever they come from, they are often extremely detailed and accurate. I’m moved by them. (SW)

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