The Last Conspiracy

Most of the conspiracies are real and true or substantially true, but as the media is usually owned by the same people that act covertly to hurt Americans like at 9/11, none of it will ever come out, not through them anyway. I saw a YouTube interview with a Mossad agent that accidentally admitted they were involved in the London 7/7 bombings, on the bus and in the underground. What British TV station will do a show on that? None.

The last conspiracy is the perception that has been programmed into people’s minds via indoctrination and deception, that evil is good and that goodness is to be despised, as weakness.

For example, the Department of Homeland Security in the US was formed as a part of the Patriot Act, which was an exact copy of Hitler’s Enabling Act (I933).

Ostensively, the DHS is holy and good, as it’s keeping America safe from non-existent Moslem subversives. In fact, it’s a recreation of the Gestapo, terrorizing innocent civilians that disagree with the Zionist policies of the American government.

So the American media promotes as holy and good, the very evil that sustains it, and it’s political ends, and it vilifies honest citizens as a danger to the system, if say they don’t believe in the 9/11 myth and marginalizes people who are against GM foods in a scurrilous way. CNN are particularly guilty of this conspiracy of disinformation in the way that they fabricate news.

The mainstream media in the USA will go belly up in the end, though there may always be a government propaganda mouthpiece, like Goebbels who was the Reich Minister of Propaganda in Nazi Germany from 1933-1945, but the mainstream media that are party to the current conspiracy will be gone.

Joseph Goebbels

On a personal level, observe your thoughts and feelings and make sure you have not made evil into something to be glorified and admired. Try to go the other way, it’s safer long term and when you see evil, speak out and resist if you can.

The world will never be free until this last conspiracy of disinformation is destroyed. To that end be truthful to yourself and others, never lie about anything, ever, and then you’ll become one less person the forces of retribution have to deal with.

CNN's Anderson Cooper raving...

Below the article is a CNN video of Anderson Cooper doing a hatchet job on a professor who suggested the Sandy Hook massacre was a government hit, which of course it was. CNN manufactures endless fake news in support of the glory of Israel to keep the station’s owner happy no doubt.

CNN’s ratings have collapsed in recent years, people know it’s all hogwash. Veterans Today posted a story saying Sandy Hook was a Mossad hit, I doubt that is true, but I’d love to see Anderson Cooper blow a fuse if someone said that on air.  Stuart Wilde

Article : White House Petition to Ban People’s Right to Question the Media or the State


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