The Hurricanes of Light

I saw something. There is a group of inner word beings that exist in a heaven world that are sometimes called the Tao Beings. They come from mythology, they are half-human, half- animal like the centaurs. I called them manimals (man-animals). Some are half female-half animal of course like the deer lady she has horns.

The Centaurs

The mythological manimals actually exist as evolving beings in the inner world. Sometimes they appear in a dimension we call the Magical Forest, it’s a fairyland with both black and white unicorns and owls that whistle but it sounds like real words and so forth. The manimals appear just before a great victory, so seeing them this week has heartened me. They are on the side of Gaia, as we are.

I saw an African in a vision, his head came off when he was hit by pulse. Then by sheer accident I wound up a few days later on an African Internet site, it’s the first one I have ever been on, it said a witch doctor was killed when his house blew up, hit a mysterious lightening. I said the force can come through a wall. I wasn’t expecting to see it manifest so quickly.

Pray for deliverance, it will be granted, the slimy cowards perish…I was shown how the force goes forward in the night, not just against the lies, but against all evil. It was like an invisible wind, a hurricane of light. It was very fast and very violent in its retribution, I saw entire streets disappear. Obama was there, he’s very black, like a magician, he’s being left alone for now, they want him to go to war. I saw the destruction of Hollywood, but I didn’t see exactly when that was to take place. It was folded into other events.

The Queen appeared, then I saw a massive horse 12-15 feet high, that looked like it was made of shining white alabaster, it had a God on its back, a male, he shone pure white as well. He was very muscular.

The horse and rider were hovering over the Alma tunnel in Paris where Diana died. It’s not just the little snivelers, entire reptilian families are snuffed out and/or taken down. I don’t agree with vengeance but these events gave me a great boost–I saw them as the proper consequence that hatred and evil deserve–“Acts of God of the Pleasing Kind” I’d say.

I was shown how it ends. I was very honoured to see that. It was a happy ending, very clean. I understood why the meek inherit the earth, it made me cry for joy. They deserve it. It is all in a divine order, trust. Stuart Wilde

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