The Forces of Reasonableness Versus the Federal Reserve

The Federal Reserve was begun in 1913 by an act of Congress that was never ratified. It represents a financial take over of the US, as America does not have its own money. You can’t own a dollar, all you can do is borrow them from the Feds. They are the most unruly white collar gangsters in the world.

I met a very charming Jewish lawyer lady in Las Vegas, who said it was anti-Semitic for people to say the Feds is a private company owned and run by Jews. She said it was Christians that owned and ran the show. I wondered what planet she was from, but it is important to allow people their delusions, it’s part of their karma, but I did explain in passing that the Federal Reserve is owned by 12 Jewish banks and that is a document of record.

Of course, the victims of the Federal Reserve, the American people, don’t care if it’s Jewish, Christian or it’s run by little green men from Mars, they just want to abolish an evil that does not have their interest at heart. The dollar has collapsed 96% since the Federal Reserve was formed to manage it. That is a 96% tax on savings and assets.

The Federal Reserve acts in secret, creating money out of thin air to support its own people, there is nothing illegal about that, as there are no laws governing such shady things, even though most would consider it racketeering.

For example, Harley Davidson that icon of Americana, is a Jewish company. That is not a good thing or a bad thing, just a statement of fact. They got $100 million in secret, under the table from Bernanke, so they could better compete against other bike companies. And of course, it has since been revealed that the banks on Wall Street got about $9 trillion, some say they got more, who knows.

The point is, decent hard working Americans have been royally screwed because the money generated is used to manipulate Wall Street and commodity prices like silver. The Federal Reserve have made a mockery of what used to be free markets, the insiders know what the Feds will do next, while the small investor is thrown to the wolves. It is high time that the forces of reasonableness negotiate to close the Feds and allow the American government to handle the money side of things. The permit for the Federal reserve runs for 100 years so it expires in 2013, so it could easily not be renewed.

If Bernanke created a trillion and he gave $2000 each to fifty million of America’s poor people, that would be compassionate, but the fact that all the money goes to banks and the favored few, only creates more antagonism.

We don’t want a civil war because we have to love and care for everyone, the abolition of the Federal Reserve has to be achieved peacefully and the US dollar has to be reclaimed for the American people, without that America will never be free, to that end Ron Paul and others are trying hard, see video below.

Also it is reported that secret negotiations continue to remove the US dollar from the Federal Reserve Board control and into the hands of the 180 nation BRICS coalition. Despite attempts by cabalists to derail these talks, they are proceeding smoothly. Stuart Wilde

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