The Collapse of CNN

Piers Morgan Helping to Collapse CNN-nice

Englishman Piers Morgan, replaced the legendary Larry King at CNN. King is not keen on Piers Morgan, he says Morgan injects himself too much into interviews and he does not let the other person speak. Morgan is so stuck up there should be a telegraph pole in the studio for him to sit on.

I said in my recent article “The Last Conspiracy” that CNN would collapse.

Piers Morgan’s ratings have nose-dived. They are the lowest for 21 years (see story below). He only gets 39,000 viewers in the critical 25-54 demographic, that’s about what I get at over a day or two. Tee hee. Funny eh?

I wonder if CNN would be willing to replace one idiotic Englishman with another. I’m looking for work. I’m sure I could keep the 25-54 people laughing and entertained doing my Deepak Chopra impersonations and stuff. Tee hee…Stuart Wilde

Stuart Talking Deepak. CLICK MP3 HERE: Stuie Wilde on Piers Morgan

Article on CNN

By , Los Angeles

When the prime time show replaced Larry King’s 9pm slot 18 months ago audience figures trebled. But after a successful few months, numbers have tumbled to a record low.

In May, figures for Piers Morgan Tonight dropped to their lowest in 15 years with only 39,000 viewers in the key 25-54 demographic tuning in to watch the former Daily Mirror editor.

The figures demonstrate a major slide for the British television personality whose show launched to a massive advertising campaign in January 2011.

His debut show attracted 2.1 million viewers – 521,000 of which were between 25 and 54. Since then, the programme has lost 27 per cent of its audience and 32 per cent of the 25-54 demographic.

Despite the dwindling numbers, the former Daily Mirror editor remained defiant this week, brazenly retweeting a comment suggesting the ratings failure was worse than “a Moody’s analyst with an undiagnosed brain tumour”.

The 60-minute talk show has featured a number of television personalities from Glee’s Jane Lynch to Charlie Sheen as well as high-profile political guests such as the Dalai Lama.



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