Soulless Humans Incarnating from Hell

Many, if not all of our leaders have incarnated from hell. You might wonder how a human spirit gets out of hell once they are in there, doesn’t the Bible say they are cast in there eternally? Please let me explain if you have time.

The human spirit or soul–the memory of the human while he or she was alive–is connected to a vast multi-dimensional information storage device. It has been called the Higher Self, because in the early days people did not have a better title for it. Then eventually I could see the Higher Self in trance and so I began to attempt to redefine it and describe it.

The Higher Self when viewed from a higher rotation in the inner dimensional words is very complex. It looks like a rectangular box that I named the, “Logo Box”, because it’s your identity or spiritual logo through the ages. The Logo Box would be the size of a small room, or it can be vast like a 50,000 square foot, multi-story warehouse. It is behind you at 180 degrees round a compass when you are facing north.

If you have ever wondered where you soul is, I can offer you a precise answer, it’s a few feet behind you, attached to you by tubes through which information flows, like a UBS cable going into your computer. The human soul is the memory of one lifetime but one can see, looking into the Logo Box, that the Higher Self of a human contained in there, stretches back in time through other lifetimes.

Fractal Codes Are More Complicated Than We Understand

To establish a re-incarnation on earth, the Higher Self emits a spark of itself (a complex fractal code) from that Logo Box into a human fetus, or even into a small child that is up to six weeks of age, no later. And so the evil of a dead Nazi from the 1940s say, (a being that is currently in hell right now), can reappear on earth as a digital fractal memory. Think of it as a memory stick slotted into a computer, which in this case is slotted into the mind/body of the child in question.

Remember, the Higher Self is a vast storage device. There is no part of a dead Nazi that is missing. All the feelings, elitism, arrogance, cruelty and racial superiority is still there, nothing is lost. As the child grows, the features injected into it come out, that is why some children can be demonic regardless of their upbringing or circumstances, it all comes out especially after puberty, as that is a heat in which the various aspects incubate.

If the old spark (the previous human) was a high up officer in Germany in the 1940s, the child will contain those aspects unconsciously, and gradually he or she will be driven to move towards, power, control and politics. It will seek to re-express itself in this life, based on the codes it was given at birth or just after.

Albright in SS style Jacket with Insignia (importance/rank), the Snake offers threat/fear

Here is a vid’ (27 seconds) with Madeleine Albright, the Secretary of State under President Clinton, saying the murder of 500,000 Iraqi children was needed. She has three daughters. They are alive. Just watch the cruelty around her eyes. Only humans from hell look like that. It’s very interesting if you have the time to watch. See conclusion of this article is below after the video.

For George Bush to pass the Patriot Act, which is a word-for-word copy of Hitler’s Enabling Act 1933, Bush and the writers of the law must have the memory of having been there in Germany at the time. For Carl Levin to promote and pass the arrest without trial law (NDAA), he must have come from hell to be that cruel, maybe he’s from that same German era as well.

Politically, today, we are watching the reincarnation of the Nazis. This is the second attempt to establish the thousand-year Reich that Hitler promised.

But in effect, these devil beings here on earth have come to be destroyed, they don’t realize it’s a trap because their hatred of humanity and their elitism blinds them to a higher dimensional perception, their view is narrow and myopic. They don’t see the danger.

But, because they are driven internally by self-importance to reach for the seat of power, they will attempt to re-enact a mirror image of Germany in the Nazi era and what went before. The subconscious recall of their fascism comes out, it’s in their life field (etheric) first, and in their mind and in their subtle feelings, so gradually you will see it on their faces and in their body language. That is why Madeleine Albright looks so scary, you’re looking at sixty six years of facism oozing from her skin. Once you know what to look for, it’s blantly obvious.

The feigned specialness of the Nazis didn’t die when they were defeated in 1945. It has come back like a memory stick slotted into the global soul to be re-expressed. It’s an obsession with self, a narcissism that falls in love with its own image, and that is how their cruelty emerges. They have no empathy for human life. Bush Snr. and later his son George Bush Jnr., built many FEMA internment camps around America to imprison Americans, like Hitler’s death camps at Buchenwald and Auschwitz. Only men from hell can blatantly build death camps and wander about pretending to be normal.

The trick of the demonic, is to get you to believe it’s not there. And the second trick, is to get you to believe that the mass murderers are normal people. Stuart Wilde

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