Sexting–Sending Nude Photos Via Mobile Phones

Japanese Anime Character on the Phone

Sexting, is a modern phenomena, it’s the act of sending sexually explicit photographs, nude pics and texts between mobile phones, it is becoming ever more prevalent amongst teenagers.

In a candid article in The Telegraph (Jan 23rd 2013) Allison Pearson writes, “…about five years ago (around the time that sexting and camera-phones were taking off) psychologists began to notice a marked and sudden plunge in girls’ mental health. The average teenage female was “stressed and depressed in a way never seen before”. Girls were growing up too fast, much faster than their mothers had. Our 18 is their 14, our 14 is their 10.”

It has been suggested that, “… girls as young as 11 were being asked to send “special photos” to boys who they know.” The police have become involved in some of these cases, but the strange thing is that many teens seem to see sexting as ‘normal’ and ‘ok’. Their perception has been skewed by the polluted programming of the media, teen magazines, popular fiction, music videos and the like. The girls attempt to become the stereotypes they see and admire, like the Japanese Anime characters, that are very cute and very sexual.

19 year old Ukranian model Anastasiya Shpagina--a real-life-Anime-girl

In the Ukraine there is a very famous 19 year old girl (pictured above), who through plastic surgery now resembles an Anime character. It seems that role models for young girls are becoming ever more false and fake.

We would wish for our daughters to grow up with grace, softness and a strong sense of themselves. They should be the generation that reaps the rewards of our metaphysical learning about the feminine spirit. Sadly, the girls have to cope in a world where degradation and the spread of porn is rife.

It is therefore important that the imbalance is redressed, but this can only really be done if the sacred nature and inner divinity of our girls is properly nurtured. Our daughters need good women to learn from. Women that are natural, and warm hearted and real that have the balance of strength and softness, I often speak of.

A young lady of fifteen years old, the daughter of a friend, explained that, “….a lot of teenage girls degrade themselves because they realize it’s a way to control and dominate boys, they’re taught through the media and the way society is so corruptly laid out that it’s ok. Magazines that teenage girls read are constantly about looks and the body, telling them that sexy is what men want, and how to get attention and that revealing more is sexy and therefore even younger girls realize that they can manipulate boys through their body and sexuality, when really all they’re doing is objectifying themselves.”

We can teach our daughters to have good characters and kind personalities and open loving hearts, to get the boys that way, rather than through nude pictures. To let down and be vulnerable in terms of being truly caring and feeling towards their friends, both male and female. The media on the other hand, teaches them a crafty art, a way to lure and control. It’s witchcraft, like those teenage magazines that teach girls how to cast spells to get boyfriends.

They need the friendship and care of their male friends. They should seek something natural and simple, like common interests in music, movies, dancing, laughter and a thirst for the secrets of the big wide world out there, where they can find adventures, in the extraordinary beauty of Gaia.


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