Sandy Hook Massacre Suspicious Cover Ups

Veterans Today say the Sandy Hook massacre was a Mossad operation to impose gun control on America, I don’t know about that, but it certainly looks like a hit, the official story of Sandy Hook has fallen apart. There is a theory that the alleged shooter Adam Lanza was killed the day before the event and dropped off by the authorities at the site. Here is a vid’ called, “Absolute Proof Sandy Hook Was Staged”.

It’s about a little girl that the mainstream media claimed was killed, who thankfully is very much alive. She even went to the White House to meet the President. There is also a bizarre clip of her father crying on TV talking about her death….nit nit. Tricky people, what a con man, playing with people’s emotion over a bare faced lie. mdsx…

Stuart Wilde

PS Woman claims her daughter is still alive, her child’s photo was stolen from the woman’s Flickr Page


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