Restoration of the Feminine Spirit

I don’t do many pedophilia stories, as it is very distressing and the practice of child abuse is at epidemic proportions. The Guardian newspaper in England said a few days ago, that pedophiles are misunderstood, and a committee of psychiatrists said pedophilia is a mental disorder and that it should not be criminalized….and the Pope said pedophilia is normal, which it may be in the Vatican, but not out here in the real world.

Pornography degrades people, it carries their souls to hell, as it evokes the “slaver’s” mentality. People come to seek ever more bizarre experiences to titillate themselves with. A university in Sweden wanted to study the comparison between men who watched porno’ and those that don’t, but they could not find any men that didn’t watch porno’ for their study, so they abandoned the project.

The abuse of women goes hand in hand with porno’, because decent women are degraded into sex slaves and prostitutes in the minds of men. The French just published a report saying that watching pornography amongst French women is up by 40%. So the degradation is not only the males.

Porno’ is hard and cold, as there is no love or tenderness in it, our societies have degraded into a living hell. A woman or a male that has sex for money is a prostitute, but if they appear in a porno’ film they are no longer prostitutes, now they are actors, stars even. There is a flip in the perception of it, now what they are doing is noble and glamorous. And if pedophilia is normal, and gay sex with a stranger in public toilets, is just the lads letting of steam, and sex for money in porno’ films is just actors performing, being glamorous, and if all the decent women are reduced in the minds of men to the role of sex slaves and whores, what is left? Nothing.

In the end, the dignity of the feminine spirit has to be restored, and the children have to be protected. Softness, respect and kindness has to win. But for that to happen all the porno’ kings and queens have to be dragged off to hell and the earth swept clean.

I have come to believe over the decades, that a cataclysm will come and disinfect the world. Jesus said he would take away the sins of the world, but he never said when he would do that, or how. The churches have promoted the idea that it is the love of Jesus absolving people. In part, for a small percentage of people, that is right. But I was shown how the main way Jesus takes away the sins of the world, is he rubs out the sinners and they leave earth and return to hell.

Very few Christians know that Jesus is a great celestial warrior, closely linked to the warrior Gods, Shiva, Vishnu and Hanuman. Vishnu came to kill the ghouls and wipe away degradation, and Jesus is Vishnu. He is an incarnation of Vishnu because he is an incarnation of Krishna, and Krishna was an incarnation of Vishnu. Jesus is linked to the child in the Book of Revelation, he is the child, and the child is the Hindu God Kalki that rules the ghouls with a rod of iron for a thousand years after the Restoration. The rod of iron is not a piece of metal, it is a fractal antenna (a code) like Sierpinski’s gasket. Once that code is over the world the ghouls won’t be able to get it.

The Sierpinski Gasket--A Fractal Code

If you can avoid porno’ it’s karmically safer for you in the end. If all the child abusers, and porno kings and queens and toilet boys, were required to spend ten minutes in the hell worlds, they would be instantly cured, a white terror would fall upon them, it would be very convincing. It would help them enormously.

I’ve watched those worlds in trance for thousands of hours (4500 hours), but I never write about them in any great detail as people have to reform and come to goodness, as and when they are ready. But the worst horror film you’ve ever seen, is mild compared to the real thing in hell. In the early days, I could not watch for long as it would make me vomit, but eventually I was taught how to get over that, by withdrawing my feelings backwards somewhat. It never became nice, just my way of coping changed.

So White She's Gold

When the feminine spirit is restored on earth, humans will be granted a great new power of perception that is hidden from them now, they will see the Gods that rescued them with their eyes open. And the animals and plants that are stunted by human degradation and the ghouls, will then thrive. You’ll see corn 12-15 feet high and plum trees so laden with fruit their branches will touch the ground. And the animals won’t get sick with human diseases like cancer any more.

There is much at stake, more than people realize. Eventually humans will, one day, take the first and only true breath they have ever taken. Porno’ and degradation go into your lungs when you walk in the street, as do various human emotions, but I think I’d better leave that for another time. Put a drop of eucalyptus oil in a basin of hot water, with a towel over your head and breath in the steam, that clears you. Bye for now.

Stuart Wilde

Blue Spirit
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