Perception and Eroticism

First: By eroticism I don’t mean pornography or lascivious behavour.

There is eroticism through the introspection of self expressed in the mood of the contemplation just as the women here in the painting looking at her reflection in the water. It is a love of the God Force inside you. We learned this from the Om and Ka pulse. It is an eternal pulse we can feel from inside the Aluna Mirror World that is emitted by the union of the celestial male (Ka) and the celestial female Om).

When a female with the Om signature in her soul feels the pulse that emanates from Ka it results in her orgasm but there is no sexual or tactile contact. The Ka male only has to stand next to the female and sometimes hold her hand and she will begin to pulse deep inside her womb at several beats a second culminating with an orgasm every two hundred pulses more or less.

The multiple orgasms that come from the eroticism of self in relation to the celestial power of Om and Ka can go one for hours and hours. Sixteen thousand pulses in four hours is the most I have ever heard of, resulting in one orgasm every three minutes over the four-hour period, so eighty consecutive one after the next.

So the eroticism I speak of is not sleazy acts of the sexual predator against women, or masturbating to the degradation of other humans with porno’ on the Internet for that is an affront to Gaia. Instead it is the Om and Ka pulse which I see as the female’s final triumph.

I see it as her resurrection from the pain of the cross she bore for it is the moment when the female exits from the victimization of a debilitating and squalid hell-world of degraded femininity, and she enters her own world in her rightful celestial place standing in the golden radiance of the pantheon of beings.

Then again there is something utterly seedy about modern femininity that is not at first obvious and that is the fact that many women offer themselves to providers and protectors in what are often loveless arrangements.

They are driven by fear and greed and the need for social acceptance, it’s the ego’s need to become someone or something, the doctor’s wife say, but mostly it’s for material gain. These contrived liaisons are a prostitution of the female’s soul and her body. So the power of the goddess is certainly a good thing to focus on and pray to and to hope for but it is a long way from the hellish fate some women sell themselves into.

If you look at the woman in the painting do you get the impression she would sell herself for a house in the suburbs and an SUV, or is she a woman that knows herself and that seeks to learn more. I love this painting for it says more than is immediately obvious.

The potential of a female’s divine-self coming forward in the multi-dimensional eroticism of Om and Ka is often dragged down by a female’s bitterness and anger toward men that she sold herself to, and also her unresolved hatred of other women, who are seen as competitors in the provider-protector market place of life. ‘The vagina wars’, I call it. It is an internal emotional violence often directed toward both sexes.

The answer for both men and women lies in looking within and seeing the celestial eroticism that is our potential and seeing it in the light of God and praying for forgiveness. In that softness the Om and Ka comes forward. This pulse will change the world. It is the greatest gift ever bestowed. (sw)


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